About Us

Imagine a Lebanese and an Italian in Oman, sitting and chatting about design, style, fashion, beauty, health and the wish to take the challenge of a self-owned business. This is what has happened to Daisy and Isabel in 2012, and this is how their visions, their perceptions and their passions became one, and real!

The first idea was to reinvent the nail experience, by promoting quality and luxury yet coping with environmental consciousness, a healthy atmosphere for the employees and the guests, and social awareness. All this, of course, with a commitment to maintain reasonable and affordable prices.

We have screened companies from around the world, visited exhibitions and tried samples and, as a result, we couldn’t help but falling in love with SpaRitual.

Then we have looked for a make-up line that could meet the needs of the professionals, but also the desire of all women: high quality, effectiveness, variety, extreme lasting wear and an easy application. Bringing in Eva Garden make-up line from Italy was just the right answer!

We have meticulously selected the Dashing Team and sat and discussed with the interior designers all the single details to create a sophisticated yet soothing and efficient environment where our guests feel relaxed, feel cared for and feel at home.

A dedicated retail area makes it easy and fun to shop for beauty products, trendy accessories and gift ideas in one place, or just to browse around while you wait for your appointment.

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