Why Us

Live the Good Life! This is our goal, our mission, our vision.

We believe every woman deserves a gift, a treat, a reward, for being a good mother, daughter, sister, friend. And what is better than pampering yourself with affordable treatments and products that respect the environment and your health throughout the different stages of your life, even when you are expecting your baby?

Besides the basic manicure and pedicure, at Dashing Nails numerous offerings will meet your personal needs, including acrylic and gel, nail art with the trendiest designs and techniques, waxing, threading and make-up for your important occasions.

We Dashing People follow a no-compromise philosophy of exceptionally high standards in hygiene and personal care, with highly skilled, experienced and service sensitive staff.

We are committed to a healthy environment, but we but we don't stop there. Every product and service we offer is about you - giving you a comfortable place to relax and pamper your body and rejuvenate your spirit. Dashing Nails & Beauty Lounge adheres in fact to the highest standards in sterilization and cleanliness. All metal appliances are sterilized after each treatment in hospital grade Autoclave units and then individually sealed for the next client. Inspired by natural stone foot paths in Asia, our Sanijet pedicure baths stimulate key points on the feet to release tension, restore balance and improve energy flow and wellness. Sanijet's pipeless design, for the first time in Oman, gives you unmatched assurance of pure, clean water with every treatment. Offering authentic hydrotherapy, Sanijet's quiet technology makes them the pedicure bath of choice at luxury spas in five starts hotel around the world, and now here in Muscat!